Rideshare Greenlight Hub Washington DC

Hi there and welcome to ubergreenlighthubwashingtondc.com My link is right beneath the video. It you take you straight through to the website you will see the addresses that you can visit if you have questions at a hub, the opening times etc but let’s say you just have some general questions and you just don’t want to get into the car and go all the way down to the hub, you are more than welcome to email or text me. My details are underneath this video. I’m available 365 ladies and gentlemen. I get back to everyone. I’ve coached thousands of people in the Uber and Lyft industry, right. So some of the things that are quite important that you get handled at the greenlight hub, the activation process, so they generally want your banking details, they will want to see your insurance, your car registration, your driver’s license. Those are probably the most four important factors if you go there but again you can also do that directly through a link, if you want to create an account, underneath my video. Upload those documents, you don’t have to drive all the way in and by creating an account underneath the driver referral, it’s called a referral bonus or referral guarantee, you’ll actually make extra money. You don’t get that bonus or guarantee if you’d go directly to the hub. Just wanted to share that with you, okay. Now another big one is, let’s say things have gone wrong and you got deactivated , so super stressful and frustrating process, yes you want to go down and speak to a live representative. You want to get the name of the person you want to get the time and the date. You want to make sure it’s all documented and find out the main reasons why you’ve been deactivated .There are ways and means of getting back into the game so again there, if you have questions reach out to me. I’m available 365 ladies and gentlemen. Any questions pertaining to Washington DC, my birth city by the way, I have a South African accent but I was born in Georgetown. I’m driving in LA but yeah feel free to reach out to me. 99.9% of the time I can give you a real good answer. Drive safe my friends

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